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Grant Impact/HIV Intervention/Adolescent Males Leaving Jail
Academic Article Finding synergy: reducing disparities in health by modifying multiple determinants.
Academic Article Toward a healthy high schools movement: strategies for mobilizing public health for educational reform.
Academic Article Engaging municipalities in community capacity building for childhood obesity control in urban settings.
Academic Article Engaging youth in food activism in New York City: lessons learned from a youth organization, health department, and university partnership.
Academic Article Training new community health, food service, and environmental protection workers could boost health, jobs, and growth.
Academic Article Missed opportunities for improving nutrition through institutional food: the case for food worker training.
Academic Article Community Schools: a Public Health Opportunity to Reverse Urban Cycles of Disadvantage.
Academic Article Use of Comparative Case Study Methodology for US Public Health Policy Analysis: A Review.
Academic Article A Review of Opportunities to Improve the Health of People Involved in the Criminal Justice System in the United States.
Academic Article Healthy-food procurement: using the public plate to reduce food insecurity and diet-related diseases.
Academic Article Health promotion in the city: a review of current practice and future prospects in the United States.
Academic Article Adverse effects of US jail and prison policies on the health and well-being of women of color.
Academic Article Addressing urban health in Detroit, New York City, and Seattle through community-based participatory research partnerships.
Academic Article Case history of the Center for Urban Epidemiologic Studies in New York City.
Academic Article Implications of the World Trade Center attack for the public health and health care infrastructures.
Academic Article Healthy housing: a structured review of published evaluations of US interventions to improve health by modifying housing in the United States, 1990-2001.
Academic Article Harlem service providers' perceptions of the impact of municipal policies on their clients with substance use problems.
Academic Article Cities and population health.
Academic Article Cities and health: history, approaches, and key questions.
Academic Article Beyond urban penalty and urban sprawl: back to living conditions as the focus of urban health.
Academic Article Comparison of health and social characteristics of people leaving New York City jails by age, gender, and race/ethnicity: implications for public health interventions.
Academic Article Changing corporate practices to reduce cancer disparities.
Academic Article Nowhere to go: how stigma limits the options of female drug users after release from jail.
Academic Article From lifestyle to social determinants: new directions for community health promotion research and practice.
Academic Article Reframing school dropout as a public health issue.
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Concept Food Services
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Concept Health Services Needs and Demand
Concept Health Services Research
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Concept Preventive Health Services
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Concept Drug Users
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