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Carla Williams
Title Associate Professor of Medicine
Faculty Rank Associate Professor
Degree Ph.D.
Institution Howard University
Department Cancer Center and Medicine
Clusters Cancer
Community Engagement
Howard University Cancer Center
2041 Georgia Avenue NW
City Washington
State DC
Postal Code 20060
Telephone 2028065293
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  My background is in clinical psychology with an emphasis on health-related behaviors. I have experience in community-based participatory research with a focus on building capacity within community organizations to collaborate with health scientists to implement health interventions in community settings. I direct several institutional resources that focus on engaging communities in research. Under my direction, the Community Outreach Core of the Howard University Cancer Center facilitates community partnerships focused on reducing cancer disparities. For the Georgetown-Howard Universities Center for Clinical and Translational Research, I co-lead the Community Engagement Program which seeks to develop research collaborations between investigators in the academic health centers, community-based clinicians, and community-based organizations. The Community Engagement program also works to engage diverse populations in research. Within the NIMHD-funded Center of Excellence for Health Disparities, I lead the Community Engagement Core which aims to build capacity for community-academic research partnerships and enhance bi-directional communication between communities and academia. I have 20 years of progressively responsible experience in research that seeks to engage hard to reach groups. I am actively involved in local cancer policy and advocacy activities including being a member of the planning team for the DC Cancer Action Plan and serving as past chair and ongoing member of the DC Tobacco Free Coalition. In these roles, I work with community health advocates to promote individual adoption of healthy lifestyle behaviors as well as work to support population-level change in the environment, health policies, and health systems. All of my work is focused on populations that experience health disparities.

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