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Carlos Rodríguez-Sierra
Title PhD
Faculty Rank Professor
Degree PhD
Institution University of Puerto Rico
Department Graduate School of Public Health
Clusters Genes and Environmental Health/Toxicology
Medical Sciences Campus, University of Puerto Rico
PO Box 365067
City San Juan
State PR
Postal Code 00936-5067
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1. Mansilla-Rivera I, Nazario CM, Ramírez-Marrero FA, Crespo CJ, Rodríguez-Sierra CJ. Assessing arsenic exposure from consumption of seafood from Vieques-Puerto Rico: a pilot biomonitoring study using different biomarkers. Arch Environ Contam Toxicol. 2014 Feb; 66(2):162-75.
2. Moreno-Santini V, Mansilla-Rivera I, García-Rodríguez O, Rodríguez-Sierra CJ. A pilot study determining hair arsenic and lead levels in residents of a community established on a former landfill in Puerto Rico. Bull Environ Contam Toxicol. 2012 Sep; 89(3):572-6.
3. Aldarondo-Torres JX, Samara F, Mansilla-Rivera I, Aga DS, Rodríguez-Sierra CJ. Trace metals, PAHs, and PCBs in sediments from the Jobos Bay area in Puerto Rico. Mar Pollut Bull. 2010 Aug; 60(8):1350-8.
4. Mansilla-Rivera I, Rodríguez-Sierra CJ. Metal levels in fish captured in Puerto Rico and estimation of risk from fish consumption. Arch Environ Contam Toxicol. 2011 Jan; 60(1):132-44.
5. Figueroa DA, Rodríguez-Sierra CJ, Jiménez-Velez BD. Concentrations of Ni and V, other heavy metals, arsenic, elemental and organic carbon in atmospheric fine particles (PM2.5) from Puerto Rico. Toxicol Ind Health. 2006 Mar; 22(2):87-99.
6. Torres-Pérez MI, Jiménez-Velez BD, Mansilla-Rivera I, Rodríguez-Sierra CJ. Effect of three extraction techniques on submitochondrial particle and Microtox bioassays for airborne particulate matter. P R Health Sci J. 2005 Mar; 24(1):35-9.
7. Sánchez-Nazario EE, Mansilla-Rivera I, Derieux-Cortés JC, Pérez CM, Rodríguez-Sierra CJ. The association of lead-contaminated house dust and blood lead levels of children living on a former landfill in Puerto Rico. P R Health Sci J. 2003 Jun; 22(2):153-9.

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