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Olga Geling
Title Assistant Professor
Faculty Rank
Degree Ph.D.
Institution University of Hawaii
Department Office of Public Health Studies
Clusters Other/Unknown
John A. Burns School of Medicine
1960 East West Road, Biomed D104A
City Honolulu
State HI
Postal Code 96822
Telephone 808 956-0929
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1. Tsushima WT, Geling O, Arnold M, Oshiro R. Are There Subconcussive Neuropsychological Effects in Youth Sports? An Exploratory Study of High- and Low-Contact Sports. Appl Neuropsychol Child. 2016; 5(2):149-55.
2. Tsushima WT, Geling O, Arnold M, Oshiro R. Effects of Two Concussions on the Neuropsychological Functioning and Symptom Reporting of High School Athletes. Appl Neuropsychol Child. 2016; 5(1):9-13.
3. Scoggin JF, Brusovanik G, Izuka BH, Zandee van Rilland E, Geling O, Tokumura S. Assessment of Injuries During Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Competition. Orthop J Sports Med. 2014 Feb; 2(2):2325967114522184.
4. Tsushima WT, Shirakawa N, Geling O. Neurocognitive functioning and symptom reporting of high school athletes following a single concussion. Appl Neuropsychol Child. 2013; 2(1):13-6.
5. Masuda EM, Kistner RL, Musikasinthorn C, Liquido F, Geling O, He Q. The controversy of managing calf vein thrombosis. J Vasc Surg. 2012 Feb; 55(2):550-61.
6. Tsushima WT, Geling O, Fabrigas J. Comparison of MMPI-2 validity scale scores of personal injury litigants and disability claimants. Clin Neuropsychol. 2011 Nov; 25(8):1403-14.
7. Kaneshiro B, Geling O, Gellert K, Millar L. The challenges of collecting data on race and ethnicity in a diverse, multiethnic state. Hawaii Med J. 2011 Aug; 70(8):168-71.
8. Tsushima WT, Lum M, Geling O. Sex differences in the long-term neuropsychological outcome of mild traumatic brain injury. Brain Inj. 2009 Sep; 23(10):809-14.
9. Eichler HG, Mavros P, Geling O, Hunsche E, Kong S. Association between health-related quality of life and clinical efficacy endpoints in rheumatoid arthritis patients after four weeks treatment with anti-inflammatory agents. Int J Clin Pharmacol Ther. 2005 May; 43(5):209-16.
10. Sen SS, Rives VP, Messina OD, Morales-Torres J, Riera G, Angulo-Solimano JM, Neto JF, Frisoli A, Sáenz RC, Geling O, Ross PD. A risk assessment tool (OsteoRisk) for identifying Latin American women with osteoporosis. J Gen Intern Med. 2005 Mar; 20(3):245-50.
11. Geling O, Eichler HG. Should 5-hydroxytryptamine-3 receptor antagonists be administered beyond 24 hours after chemotherapy to prevent delayed emesis? Systematic re-evaluation of clinical evidence and drug cost implications. J Clin Oncol. 2005 Feb 20; 23(6):1289-94.
12. Grunberg SM, Deuson RR, Mavros P, Geling O, Hansen M, Cruciani G, Daniele B, De Pouvourville G, Rubenstein EB, Daugaard G. Incidence of chemotherapy-induced nausea and emesis after modern antiemetics. Cancer. 2004 May 15; 100(10):2261-8.
13. Gallagher TC, Geling O, Comite F. Missed opportunities for prevention of osteoporotic fracture. Arch Intern Med. 2002 Feb 25; 162(4):450-6.
14. Gallagher TC, Geling O, Comite F. Use of multiple providers for regular care and women's receipt of hormone replacement therapy counseling. Med Care. 2001 Oct; 39(10):1086-96.
15. Gallagher TC, Geling O, FitzGibbons J, Aforismo J, Comite F. Are women being counseled about estrogen replacement therapy? Med Care Res Rev. 2000; 57 Suppl 2:72-92.
16. Kaplan MS, Geling O. Sociodemographic and geographic patterns of firearm suicide in the United States, 1989-1993. Health Place. 1999 Jun; 5(2):179-85.
17. Kaplan MS, Geling O. Firearm suicides and homicides in the United States: regional variations and patterns of gun ownership. Soc Sci Med. 1998 May; 46(9):1227-33.
18. Lüschen G, Geling O, Janssen C, Kunz G, Von dem Knesebeck O. After unification: gender and subjective health status in East and West Germany. Soc Sci Med. 1997 May; 44(9):1313-23.
19. Kaplan MS, Adamek ME, Geling O, Calderon A. Firearm suicide among older women in the U.S. Soc Sci Med. 1997 May; 44(9):1427-30.
20. Kaplan MS, Adamek ME, Geling O. Sociodemographic predictors of firearm suicide among older white males. Gerontologist. 1996 Aug; 36(4):530-3.
21. Geling O, Janssen C, Lüschen G. [Age, health status and the utilization of general practitioners and specialists]. Soz Praventivmed. 1996; 41(1):36-46.

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