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Joann B. Powell
Title Assistant Professor
Faculty Rank Dr.
Degree PhD
Institution Clark Atlanta University
Department Biological Sciences
Clusters Cancer
223 James P. Brawley Drive
City Atlanta
State GA
Postal Code 30314
Telephone 404-880-6794
Fax 404-880-6756
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  Our lab aims to understand the molecular mechanisms by which cancer cells progress into advanced and malignant phenotypes. In particular, we focus on the role of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) in prostate cancer progression. AhR is widely known for its role in mediating the harmful effects of a number of environmental toxins. However, evidence suggests that it may also play a key role in the progression of prostate cancer from castration dependent to castration independent. Specific goals of our lab are to:
1. Determine the role of AhR in the development of castration independent prostate cancer via interaction with the androgen signaling pathway.

2. Investigate the effects of environmental toxins (AhR agonist) on prostate cancer progression.

3 Establish AhR as a potential therapeutic target in the treatment of castration independent prostate cancer.

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1. Ghotbaddini M, Cisse K, Carey A, Powell JB. Simultaneous inhibition of aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) and Src abolishes androgen receptor signaling. PLoS One. 2017; 12(7):e0179844.
2. Ghotbaddini M, Powell JB. The AhR Ligand, TCDD, Regulates Androgen Receptor Activity Differently in Androgen-Sensitive versus Castration-Resistant Human Prostate Cancer Cells. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2015 Jul 06; 12(7):7506-18.
3. Richmond O, Ghotbaddini M, Allen C, Walker A, Zahir S, Powell JB. The aryl hydrocarbon receptor is constitutively active in advanced prostate cancer cells. PLoS One. 2014; 9(4):e95058.
4. Powell JB, Ghotbaddini M. Cancer-promoting and Inhibiting Effects of Dietary Compounds: Role of the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor (AhR). Biochem Pharmacol (Los Angel). 2014 Mar 08; 3(1).
5. Powell JB, Goode GD, Eltom SE. The Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor: A Target for Breast Cancer Therapy. J Cancer Ther. 2013 Sep; 4(7):1177-1186.
6. Tran C, Richmond O, Aaron L, Powell JB. Inhibition of constitutive aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) signaling attenuates androgen independent signaling and growth in (C4-2) prostate cancer cells. Biochem Pharmacol. 2013 Mar 15; 85(6):753-62.
7. Brooks J, Eltom SE. Malignant transformation of mammary epithelial cells by ectopic overexpression of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor. Curr Cancer Drug Targets. 2011 Jun; 11(5):654-69.
8. Liang Z, Brooks J, Willard M, Liang K, Yoon Y, Kang S, Shim H. CXCR4/CXCL12 axis promotes VEGF-mediated tumor angiogenesis through Akt signaling pathway. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2007 Aug 03; 359(3):716-22.

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1. Ghotbaddini M, Powell JB. Biochem Pharmacol. Cancer-promoting and Inhibiting Effects of Dietary Compounds: Role of the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor (AhR). 2014; 131(3).
2. Powell J.B., Goode G. and Eltom S. E. . Journal of Cancer Therapy. The Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor: A Target for Breast Cancer Therapy. 2013; 4:1177-1186.

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