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overview Dr. Williams earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Southern University at New Orleans. As a graduate student at Tulane University in the department of pharmacology, Dr. Williams’ studies focused on the role of HIV Tat protein in mediating hematopoietic dysfunction of HIV infection. After matriculation in 2003, Dr. Williams began postdoctoral training in the Tulane University Cancer Center where his research focused on the novel role of the ERB4 tyrosine receptor kinase as a molecular chaperone and transcriptional co-activator for Stat5a and estrogen receptor in breast cancer. Later his studies centered on the identification and characterization of novel phosphorylation sites in estrogen receptor a, and how they correlate to disease progression and sensitivity to hormonal therapies. Dr. Williams joined Xavier University College of Pharmacy in 2009, where he currently serves as assistant professor of pharmacology. Dr. Williams' laboratory focuses on the roles of the NR4A family of orphan nuclear receptor in breast cancer etiology and sensitivity to antineoplastic/chemopreventive drugs. Additionally, the lab is currently investigating the molecular mechanisms underlying metformin’s antineoplastic effects in breast cancer.
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