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Concept Rats, Sprague-Dawley
Academic Article Prenatal nicotine increases testosterone levels in the fetus and female offspring.
Academic Article Programmed obesity in intrauterine growth-restricted newborns: modulation by newborn nutrition.
Academic Article Gender-specific orexigenic and anorexigenic mechanisms in rats.
Academic Article Maternal N-acetylcysteine suppresses fetal inflammatory cytokine responses to maternal lipopolysaccharide.
Academic Article Elevated plasma corticotrophin release factor levels and in utero meconium passage.
Academic Article Gender-specific programmed hepatic lipid dysregulation in intrauterine growth-restricted offspring.
Academic Article Enhanced nephrogenesis in offspring of water-restricted rat dams.
Academic Article In utero undernutrition in rats induces increased vascular smooth muscle content in the offspring.
Academic Article Nutrient restriction in utero induces remodeling of the vascular extracellular matrix in rat offspring.
Academic Article Prophylactic maternal n-acetylcysteine before lipopolysaccharide suppresses fetal inflammatory cytokine responses.
Academic Article Central insulin sensitivity in male and female juvenile rats.
Academic Article Early undernutrition attenuates the inflammatory response in adult rat offspring.
Academic Article Serotonin-induced region-specific responses of the arcuate and ventromedial hypothalamic nuclei.
Academic Article Organ-specific alterations in fatty acid de novo synthesis and desaturation in a rat model of programmed obesity.
Academic Article Early onset of fatty liver in growth-restricted rat fetuses and newborns.
Academic Article Nutrient sensor-mediated programmed nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in low birthweight offspring.
Academic Article Maternal high-fat diet programs rat offspring hypertension and activates the adipose renin-angiotensin system.
Academic Article Maternal undernutrition induces premature reproductive senescence in adult female rat offspring.
Academic Article Increased palatable food intake and response to food cues in intrauterine growth-restricted rats are related to tyrosine hydroxylase content in the orbitofrontal cortex and nucleus accumbens.
Academic Article Intrauterine growth restriction increases the preference for palatable foods and affects sensitivity to food rewards in male and female adult rats.
Academic Article Magnesium sulfate prevents maternal inflammation-induced impairment of learning ability and memory in rat offspring.
Academic Article Programmed alterations in hypothalamic neuronal orexigenic responses to ghrelin following gestational nutrient restriction.
Academic Article The timing of nutrient restriction during rat pregnancy/lactation alters metabolic syndrome phenotype.
Academic Article Programmed metabolic syndrome: prenatal undernutrition and postweaning overnutrition.
Academic Article Paradoxical increase in maternal plasma leptin levels in food-restricted gestation: contribution by placental and adipose tissue.
Academic Article Mechanisms of impaired nephrogenesis with fetal growth restriction: altered renal transcription and growth factor expression.
Academic Article Down-regulation of transcription factor peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor in programmed hepatic lipid dysregulation and inflammation in intrauterine growth-restricted offspring.
Academic Article Epigenetics of programmed obesity: alteration in IUGR rat hepatic IGF1 mRNA expression and histone structure in rapid vs. delayed postnatal catch-up growth.
Academic Article Early compensatory adaptations in maternal undernourished pregnancies in rats: role of the aquaporins.
Academic Article Hypothalamic neurosphere progenitor cells in low birth-weight rat newborns: neurotrophic effects of leptin and insulin.
Academic Article Maternal lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammation during pregnancy programs impaired offspring innate immune responses.
Academic Article Maternal N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) protects the rat fetal brain from inflammatory cytokine responses to lipopolysaccharide (LPS).
Academic Article Mechanism of programmed obesity in intrauterine fetal growth restricted offspring: paradoxically enhanced appetite stimulation in fed and fasting states.
Academic Article Basal, endogenous leptin is metabolically active in newborn rat pups.
Academic Article Maternal undernourished fetal kidneys exhibit differential regulation of nephrogenic genes including downregulation of the Notch signaling pathway.
Academic Article N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) attenuates LPS-induced maternal and amniotic fluid oxidative stress and inflammatory responses in the preterm gestation.
Academic Article Fetal hypothalamic neuroprogenitor cell culture: preferential differentiation paths induced by leptin and insulin.
Academic Article Altered placental development in undernourished rats: role of maternal glucocorticoids.
Academic Article Altered mitochondrial apoptotic pathway in placentas from undernourished rat gestations.
Academic Article Prophylactic maternal N-acetylcysteine in rats prevents maternal inflammation-induced offspring cerebral injury shown on magnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article Programmed hyperphagia secondary to increased hypothalamic SIRT1.
Academic Article Maternal obesity and high-fat diet program offspring metabolic syndrome.
Academic Article Maternal high-fat-diet programs rat offspring liver fatty acid metabolism.
Academic Article Maternal bisphenol A exposure alters rat offspring hepatic and skeletal muscle insulin signaling protein abundance.
Academic Article Preferential development of neuropeptide Y/GABA circuit in hypothalamic arcuate nucleus in postnatal rats.
Academic Article Maternal magnesium sulfate fetal neuroprotective effects to the fetus: inhibition of neuronal nitric oxide synthase and nuclear factor kappa-light-chain-enhancer of activated B cells activation in a rodent model.
Academic Article Magnesium sulfate (MG) prevents maternal inflammation induced offspring cerebral injury evident on MRI but not via IL-1ß.
Academic Article Therapeutic N-Acetyl-Cysteine (Nac) Following Initiation of Maternal Inflammation Attenuates Long-Term Offspring Cerebral Injury, as Evident in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).
Academic Article Programmed Epigenetic DNA Methylation-Mediated Reduced Neuroprogenitor Cell Proliferation and Differentiation in Small-for-Gestational-Age Offspring.
Academic Article Placental and fetal membrane Nephrin and Neph1 gene expression: response to inflammation.
Academic Article Maternal LPS induces cytokines in the amniotic fluid and corticotropin releasing hormone in the fetal rat brain.
Academic Article N-acetyl-cysteine suppresses amniotic fluid and placenta inflammatory cytokine responses to lipopolysaccharide in rats.
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