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Academic Article Systematic evidence-based quality measurement life-cycle approach to measure retirement in CHIPRA.
Academic Article Parent health beliefs, social determinants of health, and child health services utilization among U.S. school-age children with autism.
Academic Article Variation in Educational Services Receipt Among US Children With Developmental Conditions.
Academic Article Clarifying the Predictive Value of Family-Centered Care and Shared Decision Making for Pediatric Healthcare Outcomes Using the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey.
Academic Article Disparities in Familiarity With Developmental Disabilities Among Low-Income Parents.
Academic Article Healthcare access and services use among US children with autism spectrum disorder.
Academic Article Families' Experiences With Family Navigation Services in the Autism Treatment Network.
Academic Article Service Use Classes Among School-aged Children From the Autism Treatment Network Registry.
Academic Article A Profile of Care Coordination, Missed School Days, and Unmet Needs Among Oregon Children with Special Health Care Needs with Behavioral and Mental Health Conditions.
Academic Article Timeliness of Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis and Use of Services Among U.S. Elementary School-Aged Children.
Academic Article Cancer Fatalism and Preferred Sources of Cancer Information: an Assessment Using 2012 HINTS Data.
Academic Article Unmet Health Services Needs Among US Children with Developmental Disabilities: Associations with Family Impact and Child Functioning.
Academic Article Family-Centered Care Measurement and Associations With Unmet Health Care Need Among US Children.
Academic Article Disparities in Diagnosis and Treatment of Autism in Latino and Non-Latino White Families.
Academic Article Unmet Need and Financial Impact Disparities for US Children with ADHD.
Academic Article Parent disclosure of complementary health approaches used for children with autism spectrum disorder: Barriers and facilitators.
Academic Article Use and Nondisclosure of Complementary Health Approaches Among US Children with Developmental Disabilities.
Academic Article Healthcare access and adverse family impact among U.S. children ages 0-5?years by prematurity status.
Grant Parents Taking Action to Improve Autism Services Access for Navajo Families in Northern Arizona: Intervention Adaptation and Pilot Trial
Academic Article A national research agenda for public health services and systems.
Award or Honor Receipt Nemours Child Health Services Research Award
Academic Article Therapy use for U.S. school-aged children with developmental disabilities: State variation and determinants.
Academic Article "I Don't Do Much Without Researching Things Myself": A Mixed Methods Study Exploring the Role of Parent Health Literacy in Autism Services Use for Young Children.
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