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Concept Community Mental Health Services
Concept Health Services Accessibility
Concept Health Services Needs and Demand
Concept Mental Health Services
Concept School Health Services
Grant After-School Programs and Children's Mental Health
Grant Mental Health Services for Infants/Toddlers Receiving Part C Early Intervention
Grant Professionalizing the After School Workforce: Dynamic Interactive Training
Grant Organizational Context and Children's Mental Health in Urban After School Program
Academic Article School-based mental health services for children living in high poverty urban communities.
Academic Article Teacher consultation and coaching within mental health practice: classroom and child effects in urban elementary schools.
Academic Article Teachers Supporting Teachers in Urban Schools: What Iterative Research Designs Can Teach Us.
Academic Article Building capacity within community-based organizations: new directions for mental health promotion for Latino immigrant families in urban poverty.
Academic Article International Family, Adult, and Child Enhancement Services (FACES): a community-based comprehensive services model for refugee children in resettlement.
Academic Article Enhancing schools' capacity to support children in poverty: an ecological model of school-based mental health services.
Academic Article Teacher key opinion leaders and mental health consultation in low-income urban schools.
Academic Article Easier said than done: intervention sustainability in an urban after-school program.
Academic Article Not just a walk in the park: efficacy to effectiveness for after school programs in communities of concentrated urban poverty.
Academic Article Perceived benefits and proposed solutions for teen pregnancy: qualitative interviews with youth care workers.
Academic Article Redesigning community mental health services for urban children: Supporting schooling to promote mental health.
Academic Article Leveraging After-School Programs to Minimize Risks for Internalizing Symptoms Among Urban Youth: Weaving Together Music Education and Social Development.
Academic Article Disordered Society: Women in Eating Disorder Recovery Advise Policymakers on Change.
Academic Article Peer-Assisted Social Learning for Diverse and Low-Income Youth: Infusing Mental Health Promotion Into Urban After-School Programs.
Academic Article Two-Year Changes in Neighborhood Juvenile Arrests After Implementation of a Park-Based Afterschool Mental Health Promotion Program in Miami-Dade County, Florida, 2015-2017.
Academic Article Common Elements of Childhood Universal Mental Health Programming.
Academic Article Association of a Park-Based Violence Prevention and Mental Health Promotion After-School Program With Youth Arrest Rates.
Academic Article Linking mental health and after school systems for children in urban poverty: preventing problems, promoting possibilities.
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