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Chitrala, Kumaraswamy NaiduPerson Why?
A tutorial in genetic epidemiology and some considerations in statistical modeling.Academic Article Why?
Inherited genetic factors in breast cancer predisposition and tumor presentationGrant Why?
Exploring the Genetics of Alzheimer's Disease in Humans and DrosophilaGrant Why?
Bayesian semiparametric copula estimation with application to psychiatric genetics.Academic Article Why?
Wang, YufengPerson Why?
An Integrative Bioinformatics Approach to Study Single Cancer Cell HeterogeneityGrant Why?
Dutil, JuliePerson Why?
Environment, Genes, and Temperament on the Development of Alcohol Use DisorderGrant Why?
Defining breast cancer risk: the role of genetic variations in DNA repair genesGrant Why?
Shulman, JoshuaPerson Why?
Trucco, ElisaPerson Why?
Canino, GlorisaPerson Why?
Sariol, Carlos A.Person Why?
Perry, GeorgePerson Why?
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