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Sentell, Tetine L.Person Why?
Cancer Health Literacy Test-30-Spanish (CHLT-30-DKspa), a New Spanish-Language Version of the Cancer Health Literacy Test (CHLT-30) for Spanish-Speaking Latinos.Academic Article Why?
Health Literacy, Digital Health Literacy, and COVID-19 Pandemic Attitudes and Behaviors in U.S. College Students: Implications for Interventions.Academic Article Why?
General literacy and health literacy in Dominicans with diabetes.Academic Article Why?
A Multilingual Integrative Review of Health Literacy in Former Soviet Union, Russian-Speaking Immigrants.Academic Article Why?
Assessing Cancer Health Literacy among Spanish-Speaking Latinos.Academic Article Why?
Assessment Tools for Health Literacy among the General Population: A Systematic Review.Academic Article Why?
Association of Health Literacy and Numeracy with Interest in Research Participation.Academic Article Why?
Cancer Health Literacy and Willingness to Participate in Cancer Research and Donate Bio-Specimens.Academic Article Why?
Electronic health literacy of older Hispanics with diabetes.Academic Article Why?
Exploring Health Literacy in Medical University Students of Chongqing, China: A Cross-Sectional Study.Academic Article Why?
Factors Associated With Health Literacy and Medication Adherence in an Urban Community.Academic Article Why?
Health literacy and antiretroviral adherence among HIV-infected adolescents.Academic Article Why?
Health literacy and asthma.Academic Article Why?
Health literacy from the perspective of African immigrant youth and elderly: a PhotoVoice project.Academic Article Why?
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