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Grant Neurophysiological Predictors of Child Emotion Regulation
Academic Article An ERP study of conflict monitoring in 4-8-year old children: associations with temperament.
Academic Article The late positive potential: a neurophysiological marker for emotion regulation in children.
Academic Article Neurophysiological markers for child emotion regulation from the perspective of emotion-cognition integration: current directions and future challenges.
Academic Article Error-monitoring brain activity is associated with affective behaviors in young children.
Academic Article Neural correlates of cognitive reappraisal in children: an ERP study.
Academic Article Emotional picture processing in children: an ERP study.
Academic Article The N170 to angry faces predicts anxiety in typically developing children over a two-year period.
Academic Article Negative affectivity and EEG asymmetry interact to predict emotional interference on attention in early school-aged children.
Academic Article Associations between parental ideology and neural sensitivity to cognitive conflict in children.
Academic Article The late positive potential as a neural signature for cognitive reappraisal in children.
Academic Article The late positive potential predicts emotion regulation strategy use in school-aged children concurrently and two years later.
Academic Article Executive Function and Temperamental Fear Concurrently Predict Deception in School-Aged Children.
Academic Article Self in context: autonomy and relatedness in Japanese and U.S. mother-preschooler dyads.
Academic Article Effortful control, attention, and aggressive behavior in preschoolers at risk for conduct problems.
Academic Article Emotion regulation as a scientific construct: methodological challenges and directions for child development research.
Academic Article Prevention for preschoolers at high risk for conduct problems: immediate outcomes on parenting practices and child social competence.
Academic Article Emotional self-regulation in preschoolers: The interplay of child approach reactivity, parenting, and control capacities.
Academic Article Reactivity and regulation in children prenatally exposed to cocaine.
Academic Article Effortful control, social competence, and adjustment problems in children at risk for psychopathology.
Academic Article Emotional face processing and emotion regulation in children: an ERP study.
Academic Article The functional organization of preschool-age children's emotion expressions and actions in challenging situations.
Academic Article Brain potentials during affective picture processing in children.
Concept Child
Concept Child Behavior
Concept Child Development
Concept Child, Preschool
Concept Mother-Child Relations
Concept Parent-Child Relations
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