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Grant Factors Influencing Food Selection
Grant Hispanic Community Children's Health Study of Latino Youth SOL-Youth
Grant An Ecological Approach to Addressing Childhood Obesity Issues in Imperial County
Grant Introducing Child Menus in Restaurants to Improve Access to Healthier Foods
Academic Article Longitudinal intervention effects on parenting of the Aventuras para Niños study.
Academic Article Provider demonstration and assessment of child device technique during pediatric asthma visits.
Academic Article Communication and education about triggers and environmental control strategies during pediatric asthma visits.
Academic Article Individual, family, and community environmental correlates of obesity in Latino elementary school children.
Academic Article Outcome effectiveness of the lay health advisor model among Latinos in the United States: an examination by role.
Academic Article Child- and caregiver-reported problems and concerns in using asthma medications.
Academic Article Caregiver rating of provider participatory decision-making style and caregiver and child satisfaction with pediatric asthma visits.
Academic Article Examining multiple parenting behaviors on young children's dietary fat consumption.
Academic Article Parent support and parent-mediated behaviors are associated with children's sugary beverage consumption.
Academic Article Communication during pediatric asthma visits and self-reported asthma medication adherence.
Academic Article Communication during pediatric asthma visits and child asthma medication device technique 1 month later.
Academic Article An introduction to Salud America!: a research network to prevent obesity among Latino children.
Academic Article Child and caregiver reported problems in using asthma medications and question-asking during paediatric asthma visits.
Academic Article The relationship between patient-provider communication and quality of life for children with asthma and their caregivers.
Academic Article A prospective examination of asthma symptom monitoring: provider, caregiver and pediatric patient influences on peak flow meter use.
Academic Article Socio-demographic disparities of childhood asthma.
Academic Article Child and caregiver involvement and shared decision-making during asthma pediatric visits.
Academic Article Results of a multi-level intervention to prevent and control childhood obesity among Latino children: the Aventuras Para Niños Study.
Academic Article An intervention to increase caregiver support for asthma management in middle school-aged youth.
Academic Article Effects of a multi-pronged intervention on children's activity levels at recess: the Aventuras para Niños study.
Academic Article Stocking characteristics and perceived increases in sales among small food store managers/owners associated with the introduction of new food products approved by the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children.
Academic Article Small retailer perspectives of the 2009 Women, Infants and Children Program food package changes.
Academic Article An evaluation of physicians' engagement of children with asthma in treatment-related discussions.
Academic Article Theoretical foundations of the Study of Latino (SOL) Youth: implications for obesity and cardiometabolic risk.
Academic Article The influence of family functioning on the consumption of unhealthy foods and beverages among 1- to 12-y-old children in Victoria, Australia.
Academic Article Our Choice/Nuestra Opción: the Imperial County, California, Childhood Obesity Research Demonstration study (CA-CORD).
Academic Article The Hispanic Community Children's Health Study/Study of Latino Youth (SOL Youth): design, objectives, and procedures.
Academic Article How often do providers discuss asthma action plans with children? Analysis of transcripts of medical visits.
Academic Article Targeting children's dietary behaviors in a family intervention: 'Entre familia: reflejos de salud'.
Academic Article Evaluation protocol to assess an integrated framework for the implementation of the Childhood Obesity Research Demonstration project at the California (CA-CORD) and Massachusetts (MA-CORD) sites.
Academic Article Validation of the modified Parenting Strategies for Eating and Physical Activity Scale-Diet (PEAS-Diet) in Latino children.
Academic Article A restaurant-based intervention to promote sales of healthy children's menu items: the Kids' Choice Restaurant Program cluster randomized trial.
Academic Article What Happens When Parents and Children Go Grocery Shopping? An Observational Study of Latino Dyads in Southern California, USA.
Academic Article Factors Affecting Implementation of the California Childhood Obesity Research Demonstration (CA-CORD) Project, 2013.
Academic Article Latino fathers' feeding-related parenting strategies on children's eating.
Academic Article Food ordering for children in restaurants: multiple sources of influence on decision making.
Academic Article Sex Differences in Cardiometabolic Risk Factors among Hispanic/Latino Youth.
Academic Article Effects of Latino children on their mothers' dietary intake and dietary behaviors: The role of children's acculturation and the mother-child acculturation gap.
Academic Article Validation of a Shortened Version of the Children's Eating Behavior Questionnaire and Associations with BMI in a Clinical Sample of Latino Children.
Academic Article A Cluster Randomized Trial to Promote Healthy Menu Items for Children: The Kids' Choice Restaurant Program.
Academic Article A Qualitative Examination of Parent Engagement in a Family-Based Childhood Obesity Program.
Academic Article Process Evaluation of an Early Care and Education Intervention: The California Childhood Obesity Research Demonstration Study (CA-CORD).
Academic Article Association of cardiovascular risk factors between Hispanic/Latino parents and youth: the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latino Youth.
Academic Article Metabolic Syndrome in Hispanic Youth: Results from the Hispanic Community Children's Health Study/Study of Latino Youth.
Academic Article Who Is Influencing Whom? Latino Parent-Child Request Interactions and Product Purchases in Food Retail Environments.
Academic Article Exploring how bicultural and assimilated children of Mexican origin influence their Latina mothers' diet: Perspectives from mothers and children.
Academic Article Latina mothers as agents of change in children's eating habits: findings from the randomized controlled trial Entre Familia: Reflejos de Salud.
Academic Article Changes in young children's oral health-related behaviours and caregiver knowledge: A cluster randomized controlled trial in Brazil.
Academic Article Asthma in middle schools: what students have to say about their asthma.
Academic Article Acculturation and body image perception among Latino youth.
Academic Article Family restaurant choices are associated with child and adult overweight status in Mexican-American families.
Academic Article Is parenting style related to children's healthy eating and physical activity in Latino families?
Academic Article Association between family variables and Mexican American children's dietary behaviors.
Academic Article Away-from-home food intake and risk for obesity: examining the influence of context.
Academic Article Active transportation and acculturation among Latino children in San Diego County.
Academic Article Development and validation of a scale to measure Latino parenting strategies related to children's obesigenic behaviors. The parenting strategies for eating and activity scale (PEAS).
Academic Article Factors associated with asthma management self-efficacy among 7th and 8th grade students.
Concept Child
Concept Child Behavior
Concept Child Day Care Centers
Concept Child Nutritional Physiological Phenomena
Concept Child Welfare
Concept Child, Preschool
Concept Mother-Child Relations
Concept Parent-Child Relations
Academic Article Children's perceptions of their parent's parenting strategies and child influence on purchases in a supermarket.
Academic Article The Association of the Parent-Child Language Acculturation Gap with Obesity and Cardiometabolic Risk in Hispanic/Latino Youth: Results from the Hispanic Community Children's Health Study/Study of Latino Youth (SOL Youth).
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