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Is the Families First Home Visiting Program Effective in Reducing Child Maltreatment and Improving Child Development?Academic Article Why?
Child and parent predictors of perceptions of parent--child relationship quality.Academic Article Why?
Data resource profile: Pathways to Health and Social Equity for Children (PATHS Equity for Children).Academic Article Why?
Families First Home Visiting programme reduces population-level child health and social inequities.Academic Article Why?
Lead, Genes, and Cognition in Underserved ChildrenGrant Why?
Self-perceptions of competence in children with ADHD and comparison children.Academic Article Why?
Neuroimaging to Assess the Effects of Therapy in Children with Acute LymphoblastiGrant Why?
Validation of the Physical Activity Questionnaire for Older Children in children of different races.Academic Article Why?
Parents' Attitudes about and Socialization of Honesty and Dishonesty in Typically-Developing Children and Children with Disruptive Behavior Disorders.Academic Article Why?
What Will Be the Future of the Children Living in Puerto Rico?Academic Article Why?
Influence of behavioral theory on fruit and vegetable intervention effectiveness among children: a meta-analysis.Academic Article Why?
Parental attributions for success in managing the behavior of children with ADHD.Academic Article Why?
The influence of family environment on mental health need and service use among vulnerable children.Academic Article Why?
Associations among parent acculturation, child BMI, and child fruit and vegetable consumption in a Hispanic sample.Academic Article Why?
Diet quality affects the playground activities of Kenyan children.Academic Article Why?
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