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James Reed
Title Professor
Faculty Rank Associate Professor
Degree Ph. D. Chemistry
Institution Clark Atlanta University
Department chemistry
Clusters Other
Clark Atlanta University
Department of Chemistry
223 Brawley Dr. SW
City Atlanta
State GA
Postal Code 30314
Telephone (404) 880-6852
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1. Cipolle MD, Geffe K, Getchell J, Reed JF, Fulda G, Sugarman M, Tinkoff GH. Long-term outcome in elderly patients after operation for traumatic intracranial hemorrhage. Del Med J. 2014 Aug; 86(8):237-44.
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20. Mullins S, Fagan HB, Reed JF, Bercaw D. Ask and act: Delaware physicians demonstrate the effectiveness of the American Academy of Family Physicians'' initiative to promote tobacco cessation counseling. Del Med J. 2009 Apr; 81(4):155-60.
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