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Rodrigo X. Armijos
Title Dr.
Faculty Rank Associate Professor
Degree Ph.D., M.D.
Institution University of Texas at El Paso
Department Public Health Sciences
Clusters Infectious and Immunological Diseases
Health Sciences/School of Nursing
City El Paso
State TX
Postal Code 79968
Telephone 915 747-8309
Fax 915 747- 7207
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1. Weigel MM, Armijos RX. Food Insecurity, Cardiometabolic Health, and Health Care in U.S.-Mexico Border Immigrant Adults: An Exploratory Study. J Immigr Minor Health. 2019 Oct; 21(5):1085-1094.
2. Khan KM, Weigel MM, Yonts S, Rohlman D, Armijos R. Residential exposure to urban traffic is associated with the poorer neurobehavioral health of Ecuadorian schoolchildren. Neurotoxicology. 2019 07; 73:31-39.
3. Arroyo IZ, Gomez C, Alarcon H, Jimenez A, Pardo A, Montaño G, Armijos RX, Noveron JC. Alkyl Length Effects on the DNA Transport Properties of Cu (II) and Zn(II) Metallovesicles: An In Vitro and In Vivo Study. J Drug Deliv. 2018; 2018:2851579.
4. Weigel MM, Armijos RX. Household Food Insecurity and Psychosocial Dysfunction in Ecuadorian Elementary Schoolchildren. Int J Pediatr. 2018; 2018:6067283.
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6. Olvera Alvarez HA, Myers OB, Weigel M, Armijos RX. The value of using seasonality and meteorological variables to model intra-urban PM2.5 variation. Atmos Environ (1994). 2018 Jun; 182:1-8.
7. Raysoni AU, Armijos RX, Weigel MM, Echanique P, Racines M, Pingitore NE, Li WW. Evaluation of Sources and Patterns of Elemental Composition of PM2.5 at Three Low-Income Neighborhood Schools and Residences in Quito, Ecuador. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2017 06 23; 14(7).
8. Kipp EJ, Mariscal J, Armijos RX, Weigel M, Waldrup K. Genetic evidence of enzootic leishmaniasis in a stray canine and Texas mouse from sites in west and central Texas. Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz. 2016 Oct; 111(10):652-654.
9. Weigel MM, Armijos RX, Racines M, Cevallos W, Castro NP. Association of Household Food Insecurity with the Mental and Physical Health of Low-Income Urban Ecuadorian Women with Children. J Environ Public Health. 2016; 2016:5256084.
10. Raysoni AU, Armijos RX, Weigel MM, Montoya T, Eschanique P, Racines M, Li WW. Assessment of indoor and outdoor PM species at schools and residences in a high-altitude Ecuadorian urban center. Environ Pollut. 2016 Jul; 214:668-679.
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15. Weigel MM, Armijos RX. Exploratory study of the occupational health and health-seeking of migrant and seasonal farmworkers on the U.S.-Mexico border. J Immigr Minor Health. 2012 Aug; 14(4):648-56.
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18. Weigel MM, Armijos RX, Hall YP, Ramirez Y, Orozco R. The household food insecurity and health outcomes of U.S.-Mexico border migrant and seasonal farmworkers. J Immigr Minor Health. 2007 Jul; 9(3):157-69.
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22. Armijos RX, Weigel MM, Calvopiña M, Mancheno M, Rodriguez R. Comparison of the effectiveness of two topical paromomycin treatments versus meglumine antimoniate for New World cutaneous leishmaniasis. Acta Trop. 2004 Jul; 91(2):153-60.
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31. Chico ME, Guderian RH, Cooper PJ, Armijos R, Grogl M. Evaluation of a direct immunofluorescent antibody (DIFMA) test using Leishmania genus-specific monoclonal antibody in the routine diagnosis of cutaneous leishmaniasis. Rev Soc Bras Med Trop. 1995 Apr-Jun; 28(2):99-103.
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34. McLaughlin GL, Montenegro-James S, Vodkin MH, Howe D, Toro M, Leon E, Armijos R, Kakoma I, Greenwood BM, Hassan-King M, et al. Molecular approaches to malaria and babesiosis diagnosis. Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz. 1992; 87 Suppl 3:57-68.
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