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Braulio Jimenez
Title Toxicologist
Faculty Rank Professor
Degree Ph.D
Institution University of Puerto Rico
Department Biochemistry
Clusters Genes and Environmental Health/Toxicology
University of Puerto Rico
Medical Sciences Campus, School of Medicine
Dep. of Biochemistry
P.O.Box 365067
City San Juan
State PR
Postal Code 00936
Telephone 787-758-2525 x-1235
Fax 787-274-8724
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Title Director
Institution Center for Environmental and Toxicological Research; University of Puerto Rico
Department Biochemistry
Title Professor
Institution University of Puerto Rico
Department Environmental Health
Division Public Health School
Title Director
Institution University of Puerto Rico
Department Biochemistry
Division Center for Environmental and Tox research

Awards and Honors icon

1988 Society for Technical Communication (Tn) Technical Communication Award
1994 Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow in Toxicology
1994 University of Puerto Rico Scholarly Productivity Award
1996 University of Puerto rico Scholarly Productivity Award
1999 GlaxoSmithKline Glaxo Research Award
2007 University of Norbert Wiener (Peru) Toxicology lecture
2010 Puerto Rico Arts and Sciences Academy member
2011 Merck Merck Health Innovation Award
2011 Hispanic Organization of Toxicologist Presidential Award

Narrative icon

  We are interested in identifying and studying genes that are affected by environmental pollutants (particularly from exposure to airborne particulate matter). We have focused our research on environmental problems and issues that affect the Puerto Rican population. As an environmental toxicologist I have been studying the possible relationships between respiratory diseases and various constituents of local airborne particulate matter from various regions of Puerto Rico. Coupled to airborne particulates in Puerto Rico we have the influence of African dust and volcanic particles that seasonally and sporadically arrive to our island environment. We have been studying the effects of African Dust Storms that move across the Atlantic Ocean and impacts the island of Puerto Rico. Efforts are guided towards identifying chemical and biological constituents of airborne particles responsible for inducing toxicological and immune responses in the lung. To do this we use human bronchial epithelial cell lines as a research model. Our goal is to discover and identify the mechanisms by which various constituents modify biochemical responses that can induce the development of disease.

Our laboratory has shown that particles originating from African dust as well as local urban dust strengthen the immunological responses of lung cells to release pro-inflammatory cytokines (IL6, and IL8). The mechanisms by which these responses are induced, involve the interactions of heavy metals, endotoxins and organics. We have found that both Nrf2 and NFkB are induced by local and African dust. We are currently studying the mechanisms by which these three constituents induce these immunological responses. In addition we are studying polymorphism in various genes identified by us by the effects of particle pollution using in vitro models on the Puerto Rican asthmatic population.

We have also demonstrated that these constituents also affect the expression of other genes such as the Mayor Histocompatibility Complex Class II (MHCII) and the nuclear orphan receptor (PXR) from the detoxification system. Studies are currently being designed to explain these findings.

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1. Gioda A, Rodríguez-Cotto RI, Amaral BS, Encarnación-Medina J, Ortiz-Martínez MG, Jiménez-Vélez BD. Biodiesel from soybean promotes cell proliferation in vitro. Toxicol In Vitro. 2016 Aug; 34:283-8.
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7. Rodríguez-Cotto RI, Ortiz-Martínez MG, Rivera-Ramírez E, Méndez LB, Dávila JC, Jiménez-Vélez BD. African Dust Storms Reaching Puerto Rican Coast Stimulate the Secretion of IL-6 and IL-8 and Cause Cytotoxicity to Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells (BEAS-2B). Health (Irvine Calif). 2013 Oct; 5(10B):14-28.
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9. Gioda A, Fuentes-Mattei E, Jimenez-Velez B. Evaluation of cytokine expression in BEAS cells exposed to fine particulate matter (PM2.5) from specialized indoor environments. Int J Environ Health Res. 2011 Apr; 21(2):106-19.
10. Fuentes-Mattei E, Rivera E, Gioda A, Sanchez-Rivera D, Roman-Velazquez FR, Jimenez-Velez BD. Use of human bronchial epithelial cells (BEAS-2B) to study immunological markers resulting from exposure to PM(2.5) organic extract from Puerto Rico. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 2010 Mar 15; 243(3):381-9.
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1. M. Ortiz-Martínez, E. Rivera-Ramírez, L. Méndez-Torres, and B.D. Jiménez-Vélez. Biodiversity Science for Humanity. Role of chemical and biological constituents of PM10 from Saharan Dust in the exacerbation of asthma in Puerto Rico. 2010; 101-118.
2. 43. McCarthy, J.F., Shugart, L.R. and Jiménez, B.D. Hazardons Waste Site Investigation: Toward Better Decision. Biomarker Based Biomonitors for Evaluating Health and Ecological Effects of Environmental Contaminants. 1992; 177-207 .
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1. Andrea R. da Silva, Ricardo Q. Aucélio, Rosa I. Rodríguez-Cotto, ?Mario G. Ortiz-Mart ínez, Evasomary Rivera-Ramírez, Daniela Perroni Frias, Mariangela Macchione, Braulio Jiménez-Vélez, and Adriana Gioda. J Nanopart Res. Physicochemical properties and toxicological assessment of modified CdS nanoparticles. 2014; 16:2655.
2. Braulio Jiménez-Vélez, Yasmin Detrés, Roy A. Armstrong, and Adriana Gioda. Atmospheric Environment. Characterization of African dust (PM2.5) across the Atlantic Ocean during AEROSE 2004. 2009; 43:2659-2664.
3. Adriana Gioda, Gilberto Hanke, Augusto Elias, and Braulio Jiménez-Velez. Toxicology and Industrial Health. A pilot study to determine mercury levels in a dental environment at the School of Dentistry. 2007; 23:103-113.

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