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Thomas A. Mellman
Title Professor, Director
Faculty Rank Professor
Degree MD
Institution Howard University
Department Psychiatry
Clusters Other
520 W st NW
City Washington
State DC
Postal Code 20059
Telephone 2028067820
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  Thomas A. Mellman, MD, is Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Center for Clinical and Translational Research and Stress/Sleep Studies Program at Howard University College of Medicine. He is the principal investigator representing Howard for the Georgetown Howard Universities Center for Clinical and Translational Science supported by a Clinical Translational Science Award from NIH. He received training at the NIMH Division of Intramural Research Programs and has previously held faculty appointments and achieved the rank of Professor at the University of Miami and Dartmouth. Dr. Mellman has had continuous funding as PI on federal research grants since 1991 including a VA Merit award, and R01, R21, and K24 awards from NIMH, NHLBI, NIMHHD, and the DOD. His primary research interest over the years has been the role of sleep in posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the early aftermath of trauma. He recently completed an RO1 grant to investigate the relationship of PTSD to nocturnal blood pressure in young adult African Americans and R21 grants to investigate the role of sleep in processing traumatic memory, and sleep adaptations to stressful environments. His additional research interests with resulting publications include other aspects of the psychobiology and treatment of PTSD, evidence-based practices in psychopharmacology, and the role of stress in health disparities. He has a consistent track record of mentoring junior investigators and interdisciplinary collaboration. He recently finished service as a member of the NIH study section for Mechanisms of Emotion Stress and Health, was previously a member of NIMH IRGs for Violence and Traumatic Stress and Interventions, and has served on several review committees for the NIH Roadmap and Department of Defense research programs. Dr. Mellman was a member of the original ISTSS committee for developing treatment guidelines for PTSD, APA committee for text revision of the DSM-IV, and the Institute of Medicine Committee for review of the evidence regarding the treatment of PTSD.

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I was a recipient of a K24 midcareer award in patient oriented research for 10 years for which one of the explicit aims is mentoring. Since finishing my own research training I have had a role in mentoring the research activities of numerous post-doctoral and graduate trainees in medicine and psychology. I have sponsored 4 individuals on minority or diversity supplements to my RO1 grants. A number of my mentees now have faculty positions and are active in research. I have a leadership role in mentoring students, postgraduate trainees, and junior faculty since coming to Howard University 11 years ago. My own research program focusses on the effects of trauma and stress on sleep and how these disruptions impact physical health.

1. Kobayashi I, Huntley E, Lavela J, Mellman TA. Subjectively and objectively measured sleep with and without posttraumatic stress disorder and trauma exposure. Sleep. 2012 Jul 1;35(7):957-65. PMC3369231.
2. Cowdin, N., Kobayashi, I., Mellman, T.A. (2014). Theta frequency activity during rapid eye movement sleep (REM) is greater in people with resilience versus PTSD. Experimental Brain Research. 1-7. PMID: 24531640.
3. Brownlow, J.A., Hall Brown, T.S., Mellman, T.A. (2014). Relationships of Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms and Sleep Measures to Cognitive Performance in Young Adult African Americans. Journal of Traumatic Stress. 27:217-223. PMID: 24740871.
4. Kobayashi, I., Lavela, J., Mellman, T.A. (2014). Nocturnal Autonomic Balance and Sleep in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Resilience. Journal of Traumatic Stress 27, 6:712-716.
5. Alim, T.A., Feder, A., Graves, RE, Wang, Y, Weaver, J, Westphal, M, Alonso,A., Aigbogun, N.U., Smith, B.W., Doucette, J.T., Mellman, T.A., Lawson, MD, W.B., Charney, D.S., (2008) Trauma, Resilience and Recovery in a high-risk African American population. American Journal of Psychiatry 165(12): 1566-75. PMC2569763

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