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Guadalupe Ayala
Title Principal Investigator
Faculty Rank Professor
Degree MA, PhD, MPH
Institution San Diego State University
Department School of Public Health
Clusters Cancer
Cardiovascular and Related Diseases
Community Engagement
Obesity and Metabolic Syndromes
Women's Health and Reproductive Biology
9245 Sky Park Court
Suite 221
City San Diego
State CA
Postal Code 92123
Telephone 6195946686
Fax 6195942998
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1. Arredondo EM, Ayala GX, Soto S, Slymen DJ, Horton LA, Parada H, Campbell N, Ibarra L, Engelberg M, Elder JP. Latina mothers as agents of change in children's eating habits: findings from the randomized controlled trial Entre Familia: Reflejos de Salud. Int J Behav Nutr Phys Act. 2018 10 01; 15(1):95.
2. Park S, Ayala GX, Sharkey JR, Blanck HM. Knowledge of Health Conditions Associated With Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Intake Is Low Among US Hispanic Adults. Am J Health Promot. 2018 Jan 01; 890117118774206.
3. Ayala GX, Castro IA, Pickrel JL, Lin SF, Williams CB, Madanat H, Jun HJ, Zive M. A Cluster Randomized Trial to Promote Healthy Menu Items for Children: The Kids' Choice Restaurant Program. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2017 12 01; 14(12).
4. Kowitt SD, Ayala GX, Cherrington AL, Horton LA, Safford MM, Soto S, Tang TS, Fisher EB. Examining the Support Peer Supporters Provide Using Structural Equation Modeling: Nondirective and Directive Support in Diabetes Management. Ann Behav Med. 2017 Dec; 51(6):810-821.
5. Sanchez-Flack J, Pickrel JL, Belch G, Lin SF, Anderson CAM, Martinez ME, Arredondo EM, Ayala GX. Examination of the Relationship between In-Store Environmental Factors and Fruit and Vegetable Purchasing among Hispanics. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2017 10 27; 14(11).
6. Behar AI, Crespo NC, Garcia ML, Ayala GX, Campbell N, Shadron LM, Elder JP. Validation of a Shortened Version of the Children's Eating Behavior Questionnaire and Associations with BMI in a Clinical Sample of Latino Children. J Nutr Educ Behav. 2018 Apr; 50(4):372-378.e1.
7. Velez D, Palomo-Zerfas A, Nunez-Alvarez A, Ayala GX, Finlayson TL. Facilitators and Barriers to Dental Care Among Mexican Migrant Women and Their Families in North San Diego County. J Immigr Minor Health. 2017 10; 19(5):1216-1226.
8. Soto SH, Arredondo EM, Marcus B, Shakya HB, Roesch S, Ayala GX. Effects of Latino children on their mothers' dietary intake and dietary behaviors: The role of children's acculturation and the mother-child acculturation gap. Soc Sci Med. 2017 10; 191:125-133.
9. Ayala GX, Molina M, Madanat H, Nichols JF, McKenzie TL, Ji M, Holguin M, Cuestas L, Sumek C, Labarca C, Elvira S, Arredondo EM, Elder JP. Intervention Effects on Latinas' Physical Activity and Other Health Indicators. Am J Prev Med. 2017 Mar; 52(3S3):S279-S283.
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12. Ayala GX, Castro IA, Pickrel JL, Williams CB, Lin SF, Madanat H, Jun HJ, Zive M. A restaurant-based intervention to promote sales of healthy children's menu items: the Kids' Choice Restaurant Program cluster randomized trial. BMC Public Health. 2016 Mar 10; 16:250.
13. Soto SC, Arredondo EM, Horton LA, Ayala GX. Validation of the modified Parenting Strategies for Eating and Physical Activity Scale-Diet (PEAS-Diet) in Latino children. Appetite. 2016 Mar 01; 98:55-62.
14. Arredondo EM, Haughton J, Ayala GX, Slymen DJ, Sallis JF, Burke K, Holub C, Chanson D, Perez LG, Valdivia R, Ryan S, Elder J. Fe en Accion/Faith in Action: Design and implementation of a church-based randomized trial to promote physical activity and cancer screening among churchgoing Latinas. Contemp Clin Trials. 2015 Nov; 45(Pt B):404-415.
15. Ayala GX, Ibarra L, Cherrington AL, Parada H, Horton L, Ji M, Elder JP. Puentes hacia una mejor vida (Bridges to a Better Life): Outcome of a Diabetes Control Peer Support Intervention. Ann Fam Med. 2015 Aug; 13 Suppl 1:S9-17.
16. Ayala GX, Baquero B, Pickrel JL, Mayer J, Belch G, Rock CL, Linnan L, Gittelsohn J, Sanchez-Flack J, Elder JP. A store-based intervention to increase fruit and vegetable consumption: The El Valor de Nuestra Salud cluster randomized controlled trial. Contemp Clin Trials. 2015 May; 42:228-38.
17. Madanat H, Molina M, Din H, Mintle R, Arredondo EM, Elder JP, Patrick K, Lemus H, Medina V, Ayala GX. Correlates of measured prehypertension and hypertension in Latina women living along the US-Mexico border, 2007-2009. Prev Chronic Dis. 2014 Oct 23; 11:E186.
18. Ayala GX, Carnethon M, Arredondo E, Delamater AM, Perreira K, Van Horn L, Himes JH, Eckfeldt JH, Bangdiwala SI, Santisteban DA, Isasi CR. Theoretical foundations of the Study of Latino (SOL) Youth: implications for obesity and cardiometabolic risk. Ann Epidemiol. 2014 Jan; 24(1):36-43.
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20. Ayala GX, Laska MN, Zenk SN, Tester J, Rose D, Odoms-Young A, McCoy T, Gittelsohn J, Foster GD, Andreyeva T. Stocking characteristics and perceived increases in sales among small food store managers/owners associated with the introduction of new food products approved by the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children. Public Health Nutr. 2012 Sep; 15(9):1771-9.
21. Eisenberg CM, Ayala GX, Crespo NC, Lopez NV, Zive MM, Corder K, Wood C, Elder JP. Examining multiple parenting behaviors on young children's dietary fat consumption. J Nutr Educ Behav. 2012 Jul-Aug; 44(4):302-9.
22. Lopez NV, Ayala GX, Corder K, Eisenberg CM, Zive MM, Wood C, Elder JP. Parent support and parent-mediated behaviors are associated with children's sugary beverage consumption. J Acad Nutr Diet. 2012 Apr; 112(4):541-7.
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25. Ayala GX. Effects of a promotor-based intervention to promote physical activity: Familias Sanas y Activas. Am J Public Health. 2011 Dec; 101(12):2261-8.
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27. Ayala GX, Elder JP. Qualitative methods to ensure acceptability of behavioral and social interventions to the target population. J Public Health Dent. 2011; 71 Suppl 1:S69-79.
28. Hoerster KD, Beddawi S, Michael Peddecord K, Ayala GX. Healthcare use among California farmworkers: predisposing and enabling factors. J Immigr Minor Health. 2010 Aug; 12(4):506-12.
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