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Title Assistant Professor
Faculty Rank Assistant professor
Degree M.D.
Institution Morehouse School of Medicine
Department Microbiology, Biochemistry & Immunology
Clusters Infectious and Immunological Diseases
ROOM 336
State GA
Postal Code 30310-1495
Telephone 4047568959
Fax 4047521179
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  The main objective of the proposal is to determine the importance of vitamin D in the inflammation and pathology caused by Chlamydia, therefore understanding its effect on female reproductive fertility, with an aim to having vitamin D included in the screening for Chlamydia infection and as an index for protection from Chlamydia.

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1. Igietseme JU, Omosun Y, Partin J, Goldstein J, He Q, Joseph K, Ellerson D, Ansari U, Eko FO, Bandea C, Zhong G, Black CM. Prevention of Chlamydia-induced infertility by inhibition of local caspase activity. J Infect Dis. 2013 Apr; 207(7):1095-104.
2. He Q, Ananaba GA, Patrickson J, Pitts S, Yi Y, Yan F, Eko FO, Lyn D, Black CM, Igietseme JU, Thierry-Palmer M. Chlamydial infection in vitamin D receptor knockout mice is more intense and prolonged than in wild-type mice. J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol. 2013 May; 135:7-14.
3. Eko FO, Okenu DN, Singh UP, He Q, Black C, Igietseme JU. Evaluation of a broadly protective Chlamydia-cholera combination vaccine candidate. Vaccine. 2011 May 12; 29(21):3802-10.
4. Eko FO, Ekong E, He Q, Black CM, Igietseme JU. Induction of immune memory by a multisubunit chlamydial vaccine. Vaccine. 2011 Feb 04; 29(7):1472-80.
5. Igietseme JU, He Q, Joseph K, Eko FO, Lyn D, Ananaba G, Campbell A, Bandea C, Black CM. Role of T lymphocytes in the pathogenesis of Chlamydia disease. J Infect Dis. 2009 Sep 15; 200(6):926-34.
6. Ekong EE, Okenu DN, Mania-Pramanik J, He Q, Igietseme JU, Ananaba GA, Lyn D, Black C, Eko FO. A Vibrio cholerae ghost-based subunit vaccine induces cross-protective chlamydial immunity that is enhanced by CTA2B, the nontoxic derivative of cholera toxin. FEMS Immunol Med Microbiol. 2009 Mar; 55(2):280-91.
7. He Q, Eko FO, Lyn D, Ananaba GA, Bandea C, Martinez J, Joseph K, Kellar K, Black CM, Igietseme JU. Involvement of LEK1 in dendritic cell regulation of T cell immunity against Chlamydia. J Immunol. 2008 Sep 15; 181(6):4037-42.
8. Ifere GO, He Q, Igietseme JU, Ananaba GA, Lyn D, Lubitz W, Kellar KL, Black CM, Eko FO. Immunogenicity and protection against genital Chlamydia infection and its complications by a multisubunit candidate vaccine. J Microbiol Immunol Infect. 2007 Jun; 40(3):188-200.
9. He Q, Martinez-Sobrido L, Eko FO, Palese P, Garcia-Sastre A, Lyn D, Okenu D, Bandea C, Ananaba GA, Black CM, Igietseme JU. Live-attenuated influenza viruses as delivery vectors for Chlamydia vaccines. Immunology. 2007 Sep; 122(1):28-37.
10. Macmillan L, Ifere GO, He Q, Igietseme JU, Kellar KL, Okenu DM, Eko FO. A recombinant multivalent combination vaccine protects against Chlamydia and genital herpes. FEMS Immunol Med Microbiol. 2007 Feb; 49(1):46-55.
11. Barr EL, Ouburg S, Igietseme JU, Morré SA, Okwandu E, Eko FO, Ifere G, Belay T, He Q, Lyn D, Nwankwo G, Lillard JW, Black CM, Ananaba GA. Host inflammatory response and development of complications of Chlamydia trachomatis genital infection in CCR5-deficient mice and subfertile women with the CCR5delta32 gene deletion. J Microbiol Immunol Infect. 2005 Aug; 38(4):244-54.
12. Igietseme J, Eko F, He Q, Bandea C, Lubitz W, Garcia-Sastre A, Black C. Delivery of Chlamydia vaccines. Expert Opin Drug Deliv. 2005 May; 2(3):549-62.
13. He Q, Moore TT, Eko FO, Lyn D, Ananaba GA, Martin A, Singh S, James L, Stiles J, Black CM, Igietseme JU. Molecular basis for the potency of IL-10-deficient dendritic cells as a highly efficient APC system for activating Th1 response. J Immunol. 2005 Apr 15; 174(8):4860-9.
14. Eko FO, He Q, Brown T, McMillan L, Ifere GO, Ananaba GA, Lyn D, Lubitz W, Kellar KL, Black CM, Igietseme JU. A novel recombinant multisubunit vaccine against Chlamydia. J Immunol. 2004 Sep 01; 173(5):3375-82.
15. Igietseme JU, Eko FO, He Q, Bandea C, Black CM. Developing effective delivery systems for Chlamydia vaccines. Curr Opin Mol Ther. 2004 Apr; 6(2):182-94.
16. Igietseme JU, Eko FO, He Q, Black CM. Antibody regulation of Tcell immunity: implications for vaccine strategies against intracellular pathogens. Expert Rev Vaccines. 2004 Feb; 3(1):23-34.

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