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Margaret K. Hargreaves
Title Co-Investigator and Associate Director, Community Engaged Research Core, VICTR/CTSA
Faculty Rank Professor
Degree Ph.D.
Institution Meharry Medical College
Department Department of Internal Medicine
Clusters Community Engagement
1005 Dr. D.B. Todd Jr. Blvd.
City Nashville
State TN
Postal Code 37208-3501
Telephone 615.327.6927
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  I am PI of the Community Network Program Center funded by NCI, Co-PI of the Southern Community Cohort Study (a landmark epidemiological study) and Director of the Diabetes Research and Training Center (DRTC) Community Outreach and Health Disparities Core at Meharry Medical College. I am also a member of the Vanderbilt-Meharry Community Engaged Research Core (CERC) of the VICTR (CTSA), and was Meharry PI of an administrative supplement to the CERC, related to research capacity building in 3 Nashville coalitions as well as the development of training modules related to community engaged research. I have extensive experience as a behavioral scientist in public health research, with expertise in community engagement, culturally sensitive interventions, quality of care improvements, recruitment and retention of minorities, qualitative methods and analysis, and community-based participatory research. As a nutritional scientist, I bring the knowledge of assessment of dietary and physical activity practices. These projects aim to understand the causes of cancer-and other chronic disease-disparities and to address these disparities by improving primary and secondary prevention practices in African Americans.

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  Research projects funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

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2018Community Outreach and Health Disparities5P30DK092986-09
2017Community Outreach and Health Disparities5P30DK092986-08
2016Community Outreach and Health Disparities2P30DK092986-07
2015Meharry Medical College-CHC Community Networks Program Center3U54CA153708-05S1
2014Meharry Medical College-CHC Community Networks Program Center5U54CA153708-05
2014Training Program5U54CA153708-05
2014Community Outreach Program5U54CA153708-05
2014Administrative Core5U54CA153708-05
2014Pilot Research Project5U54CA153708-05
2014Nashville REACH 20201U58DP005922-01
2013Meharry Medical College-CHC Community Networks Program Center5U54CA153708-04
2013Training Program5U54CA153708-04
2013Community Outreach Program5U54CA153708-04
2013Administrative Core5U54CA153708-04
2013Administrative Core5U54CA153708-04
2012Meharry Medical College-CHC Community Networks Program Center3U54CA153708-03S2
2012Training Program3U54CA153708-03S2
2012Meharry Medical College-CHC Community Networks Program Center3U54CA153708-03S3
2012Community Outreach Program3U54CA153708-03S3
2012Meharry Medical College-CHC Community Networks Program Center5U54CA153708-03
2012Training Program5U54CA153708-03
2012Community Outreach Program5U54CA153708-03
2012Administrative Core5U54CA153708-03
2012Meharry Medical College-CHC Community Networks Program Center3U54CA153708-03S1
2011Meharry Medical College-CHC Community Networks Program Center3U54CA153708-02S2
2011Meharry Medical College-CHC Community Networks Program Center3U54CA153708-02S3
2011Meharry Medical College-CHC Community Networks Program Center3U54CA153708-02S4
2011Meharry Medical College-CHC Community Networks Program Center5U54CA153708-02
2011Meharry Medical College-CHC Community Networks Program Center3U54CA153708-01S1
2011Meharry Medical College-CHC Community Networks Program Center3U54CA153708-02S1
2011Pilot Project5U54CA153708-02
2011Training Program5U54CA153708-02
2011Community Outreach Program5U54CA153708-02
2011Administrative Core5U54CA153708-02
2010Meharry Medical College-CHC Community Networks Program Center1U54CA153708-01
2010Pilot Project1U54CA153708-01
2010Training Program1U54CA153708-01
2010Community Outreach Program1U54CA153708-01
2010Administrative Core1U54CA153708-01
2009Meharry Medical College-Community Health Centers Network5U01CA114641-05
2009Meharry Medical College-Community Health Centers Network3U01CA114641-05S1
2008Meharry Medical College-Community Health Centers Network5U01CA114641-04
2008Meharry Medical College-Community Health Centers Network3U01CA114641-04S1
2007Meharry Medical College-Community Health Centers Network5U01CA114641-03
2006Meharry Medical College-Community Health Centers Network5U01CA114641-02
2002Pilot--Compliance with recommended colonoscopy5U54CA091405-02
2001Pilot--Compliance with recommended colonoscopy1U54CA091405-01

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