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Academic Article Estrogen receptor (ER) subtype agonists alter monoamine levels in the female rat brain.
Academic Article Estradiol and ERß agonists enhance recognition memory, and DPN, an ERß agonist, alters brain monoamines.
Academic Article Food deprivation modulates chronic stress effects on object recognition in male rats: role of monoamines and amino acids.
Academic Article Acute estrogen treatment facilitates recognition memory consolidation and alters monoamine levels in memory-related brain areas.
Academic Article Prenatal cocaine exposure increases anxiety, impairs cognitive function and increases dendritic spine density in adult rats: influence of sex.
Academic Article GABAergic regulation of lordosis: influence of gonadal hormones on turnover of GABA and interaction of GABA with 5-HT.
Academic Article Cocaine alters dendritic spine density in cortical and subcortical brain regions of the postpartum and virgin female rat.
Academic Article Bisphenol-A impairs memory and reduces dendritic spine density in adult male rats.
Academic Article The interaction of chronic restraint stress and voluntary alcohol intake: effects on spatial memory in male rats.
Academic Article Estrogen-induced memory enhancements are blocked by acute bisphenol A in adult female rats: role of dendritic spines.
Academic Article Alcohol administration blocks stress-induced impairments in memory and anxiety, and alters hippocampal neurotransmitter receptor expression in male rats.
Academic Article Bisphenol-A exposure during adolescence leads to enduring alterations in cognition and dendritic spine density in adult male and female rats.
Academic Article Female rats exposed to stress and alcohol show impaired memory and increased depressive-like behaviors.
Academic Article Adolescent bisphenol-A exposure decreases dendritic spine density: role of sex and age.
Academic Article Gonadal Hormones Rapidly Enhance Spatial Memory and Increase Hippocampal Spine Density in Male Rats.
Academic Article Short-term fluoxetine treatment alters monoamine levels and turnover in discrete brain nuclei.
Academic Article Repeated stress causes reversible impairments of spatial memory performance.
Academic Article Estradiol rapidly increases GluA2-mushroom spines and decreases GluA2-filopodia spines in hippocampus CA1.
Academic Article Serotonin, catecholamines and metabolites in discrete brain areas in relation to lordotic responding on proestrus.
Academic Article Gonadal hormones alter hypothalamic GABA and glutamate levels.
Academic Article Estradiol enhances learning and memory in a spatial memory task and effects levels of monoaminergic neurotransmitters.
Academic Article Chronic restraint stress enhances radial arm maze performance in female rats.
Academic Article Serotonin mediates CA1 spine density but is not crucial for ovarian steroid regulation of synaptic plasticity in the adult rat dorsal hippocampus.
Academic Article Effects of chronic restraint stress and estradiol on open field activity, spatial memory, and monoaminergic neurotransmitters in ovariectomized rats.
Academic Article Rapid enhancement of visual and place memory by estrogens in rats.
Academic Article Chronic stress alters amphetamine effects on behavior and synaptophysin levels in female rats.
Academic Article Sex differences in behavioral and neurochemical profiles after chronic stress: role of housing conditions.
Academic Article Short toxic methamphetamine schedule impairs object recognition task in male rats.
Academic Article Chromaproline and Chromaperidine, nicotine agonists, and Donepezil, cholinesterase inhibitor, enhance performance of memory tasks in ovariectomized rats.
Academic Article Chronic D-amphetamine induces sexually dimorphic effects on locomotion, recognition memory, and brain monoamines.
Academic Article Sexually dimorphic effects of prenatal stress on cognition, hormonal responses, and central neurotransmitters.
Academic Article Effects of adrenalectomy on spatial memory performance and dentate gyrus morphology.
Academic Article Ovariectomized rats show decreased recognition memory and spine density in the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex.
Academic Article Effects of estradiol on radial arm maze performance of young and aged rats.
Academic Article The 17alpha and 17beta isomers of estradiol both induce rapid spine synapse formation in the CA1 hippocampal subfield of ovariectomized female rats.
Academic Article Changes in hippocampal function of ovariectomized rats after sequential low doses of estradiol to simulate the preovulatory estrogen surge.
Academic Article Pregnant rats show enhanced spatial memory, decreased anxiety, and altered levels of monoaminergic neurotransmitters.
Academic Article Restraint stress reversibly enhances spatial memory performance.
Academic Article Hippocampal dynorphin immunoreactivity increases in response to gonadal steroids and is positioned for direct modulation by ovarian steroid receptors.
Academic Article Sex-dependent changes in anxiety, memory, and monoamines following one week of stress.
Academic Article Effects of multiparity on recognition memory, monoaminergic neurotransmitters, and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF).
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