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Grant Ola HAWAII
Academic Article Strategies to increase breast and cervical cancer screening among Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, and Filipina women in Hawai'i.
Academic Article Home-based palliative care services for underserved populations.
Academic Article Perceptions of dementia, caregiving, and help seeking among Asian and Pacific Islander Americans.
Academic Article Institutionalizing a comprehensive tobacco-cessation protocol in an indigenous health system: lessons learned.
Academic Article Using community-based research methods to design cancer patient navigation training.
Academic Article Engaging participants in design of a Native Hawaiian worksite wellness program.
Academic Article Sustainability of the Pacific Diabetes Today coalitions.
Academic Article A pilot evaluation of distance education modalities for health workers in the U.S.-Affiliated Pacific Islands.
Academic Article Using a community-based participatory approach to create a resource center for Native Hawaiian elders.
Academic Article Eyes on the Pacific: cancer issues of Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders in Hawai'i and the US-associated Pacific.
Academic Article Operationalization of community-based participatory research principles: assessment of the national cancer institute's community network programs.
Academic Article Cancer patient navigation case studies in Hawai'i: the complimentary role of clinical and community navigators.
Academic Article Cancer patient navigator tasks across the cancer care continuum.
Academic Article Enhancing life after cancer in diverse communities.
Academic Article Replicating the EnhanceFitness physical activity program in Hawai`i's multicultural population, 2007-2010.
Academic Article The role of collaboration in facilitating policy change in youth violence prevention: a review of the literature.
Academic Article Health literacy, health communication challenges, and cancer screening among rural native Hawaiian and Filipino women.
Academic Article Healthy Heart, Healthy Family: a NHLBI/HRSA collaborative employing community health workers to improve heart health.
Academic Article University of Hawai'i Cancer Center Connection: The Pacific Way to Child Wellness: The Children's Healthy Living Program for Remote Underserved Minority Populations of the Pacific Region (CHL).
Academic Article Using the ANGELO model to develop the children's healthy living program multilevel intervention to promote obesity preventing behaviors for young children in the U.S.-affiliated Pacific Region.
Academic Article Low health literacy and cancer screening among Chinese Americans in California: a cross-sectional analysis.
Academic Article Improving behavioral and clinical indicators in Asians and Pacific Islanders with diabetes: findings from a community clinic-based program.
Academic Article Listening to the voices of native Hawaiian elders and ‘ohana caregivers: discussions on aging, health, and care preferences.
Academic Article Community-Based Participatory Research Adds Value to the National Cancer Institute's Research Portfolio.
Academic Article The National Cancer Institute's Community Networks Program Initiative to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities: Outcomes and Lessons Learned.
Academic Article Fulfilling Ethical Responsibility: Moving Beyond the Minimal Standards of Protecting Human Subjects from Research Harm.
Academic Article Considering the Role of Stress in Populations of High-Risk, Underserved Community Networks Program Centers.
Academic Article Mentoring and Training of Cancer-Related Health Disparities Researchers Committed to Community-Based Participatory Research.
Academic Article The PILI@Work Program: a translation of the diabetes prevention program to Native Hawaiian-serving worksites in Hawai'i.
Academic Article Mentoring, Training, and Scholarly Productivity Experiences of Cancer-Related Health Disparities Research Trainees: Do Outcomes Differ for Underrepresented Scientists?
Academic Article Effect of the Children's Healthy Living Program on Young Child Overweight, Obesity, and Acanthosis Nigricans in the US-Affiliated Pacific Region: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
Academic Article Examining Long-Term Service and Support Needs and Preferences of Native Hawaiian Elders: A Mixed-Method Approach.
Academic Article Oncologists' knowledge, attitudes and practices related to cancer treatment clinical trials.
Academic Article Supports and obstacles to cancer survival for Hawaii's native people.
Academic Article Empowerment through community building: Diabetes Today in the Pacific.
Academic Article Listening to the community: a first step in adapting Diabetes Today to the Pacific.
Academic Article Reducing cancer health disparities in the US-associated Pacific.
Academic Article Increasing knowledge, skills, and empathy among direct care workers in elder care: a preliminary study of an active-learning model.
Academic Article Native Hawaiian preferences for informed consent and disclosure of results from research using stored biological specimens.
Academic Article The 'Ohana Day Project: a community approach to increasing cancer screening.
Academic Article Using a participatory four-step protocol to develop culturally targeted cancer education brochures.
Academic Article Assessment of disaster training needs for physicians and other health professionals serving vulnerable populations in Hawai'i.
Academic Article Supports for and barriers to healthy living for Native Hawaiian young adults enrolled in community colleges.
Academic Article La'au lapa'au and Western medicine in Hawai'i: experiences and perspectives of patients who use both.
Academic Article Diabetes today in the Pacific: reports from the field.
Academic Article Immigration and the direct long-term care workforce: implications for education and policy.
Academic Article Afterschool physical activity program to reduce obesity-related cancer risk: a feasibility study.
Concept Child Health Services
Concept Community Health Services
Concept Health Services
Concept Health Services Accessibility
Concept Health Services for the Aged
Concept Health Services Needs and Demand
Concept Health Services, Indigenous
Concept Mental Health Services
Concept National Institutes of Health (U.S.)
Concept Occupational Health Services
Concept Preventive Health Services
Concept School Health Services
Concept Student Health Services
Concept Home Care Services, Hospital-Based
Concept Rural Health Services
Concept National Cancer Institute (U.S.)
Concept National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (U.S.)
Grant Ha Kupuna National Resource Center for Native Hawaiian Aging
Grant Ha Kupuna National Resource Center for Native Hawaiian Elders
Grant Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program at UH Manoa
Academic Article Community Engagement Practices at Research Centers in U.S. Minority Institutions: Priority Populations and Innovative Approaches to Advancing Health Disparities Research.
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