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Design, synthesis, and biological functionality of a dendrimer-based modular drug delivery platform.Academic Article Why?
Advancements in small molecule drug design: A structural perspective.Academic Article Why?
Prodrug and antedrug: two diametrical approaches in designing safer drugs.Academic Article Why?
Chitrala, Kumaraswamy NaiduPerson Why?
Multi-Target, Mechanism-Based Drug Design for the Treatment of Breast Cancer: SynGrant Why?
A rationally designed anticancer drug targeting a unique binding cavity of tubulin.Academic Article Why?
Halogen interactions in protein-ligand complexes: implications of halogen bonding for rational drug design.Academic Article Why?
Leszczynski, JerzyPerson Why?
Designer DrugsConcept Why?
An informatics approach to assess pediatric pharmacotherapy: design and implementation of a hospital drug utilization system.Academic Article Why?
Design and evaluation of self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery systems (SNEDDS) for cefpodoxime proxetil.Academic Article Why?
Multi-receptor drug design: Haloperidol as a scaffold for the design and synthesis of atypical antipsychotic agents.Academic Article Why?
Genome-Targeted Drug Design: Understanding the Netropsin-DNA Interaction.Academic Article Why?
Characterizing a small molecule of Streptococcus cristatus for HIV drug designGrant Why?
Inhibitors or toxins? Large library target-specific screening of fullerene-based nanoparticles for drug design purpose.Academic Article Why?
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