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Estimation of Lifetime Risk of Cardiovascular Disease (IBERLIFERISK): A New Tool for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in Primary Care.Academic Article Why?
Aspirin for Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease.Academic Article Why?
Cardiovascular disease mortality.Academic Article Why?
Aldosterone and cardiovascular disease.Academic Article Why?
Aldosterone and cardiovascular disease: smoke and fire.Academic Article Why?
Ambient air pollution and cardiovascular disease: learnt from the COVID-19 pandemic.Academic Article Why?
Association between exercise and risk of cardiovascular diseases in patients with non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis.Academic Article Why?
Autonomic and inflammatory consequences of posttraumatic stress disorder and the link to cardiovascular disease.Academic Article Why?
C-reactive protein and subclinical cardiovascular disease among African-Americans: (the Jackson Heart Study).Academic Article Why?
C-reactive protein, cardiovascular disease and stroke: new roles for an old biomarker.Academic Article Why?
Cardiovascular Disease Burden and Socioeconomic Correlates: Findings From the Jackson Heart Study.Academic Article Why?
Cardiovascular disease control through barbershops: design of a nationwide outreach program.Academic Article Why?
Cardiovascular disease disparities in native Hawaiians.Academic Article Why?
Cardiovascular disease event classification in the Jackson Heart Study: methods and procedures.Academic Article Why?
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